Whistle While You Work

It’s possible that lesson plans will be the bane of my existence…for another week or so at least. I have been procrastinating writing them for my online course because they are somehow so…yech. I’m not used to writing out my lessons to such a degree, but it must be done! I just need a motivational reminder of the end goal:

I want to see incredible things in this world, and meet fascinating people, and feel a little homesick several time zones away when something reminds me of my mom and dad. I want to teach overseas somewhere, anywhere, everywhere! France, Cambodia, Korea, Oman, anywhere!

With my full-time work, French classes, private teaching, orchestra rehearsals, and all, I need to keep a clear head and stay on track so I can finish this course and get my passport in time to fill out my application as soon as I can. I want to feel genuinely fulfilled and excited about living out tomorrow. I want to die happy knowing I did great things. My curiosity will have to search out new things since I will now be able to check a few of those items off my life’s To Do List.


And just like that:

Motivation mode: activated