Dream On!

Recently (read: for the last whole week) I read a few blogs about traveling/teaching in Europe, mostly from TAPIFers who have already gone through their year abroad. There were some comments about the absolutely horrible treatment at certain schools  and more than a few about the ineptitude of and snail’s pace that is the French government when it comes to paperwork, BUT I also read some absolutely lovely accounts of life en France.

One of my favorites, which I read from beginning to end, is the tale of an adventurous Texan girl teaching in south France whose time abroad I would LOVE to replicate for myself. Feel free to check out her experiences at :

Screen Shot 2013-10-05 at 5.45.14 PM

For now, I am still persisting in my online EFL coursework and preparing for when TAPIF applications are available in mid-October. Just last week I made a visit to my local post office and sacrificed the $135 necessary for a US passport. That should arrive before the end of the month, which means as long as I complete my work as quickly as I hope to, I could be filling out that TAPIF application at the start of November.

And every time I think of where I could be this time next year, I fluctuate between excitement and the gut-twisting dread that I may not be accepted. No, it wouldn’t be the end of the world, and I have already spent a semester in Paris in college, but I have been working toward France. I have been building this nice little dream of starting out my English-teaching career in one of my favorite countries. God give me the strength should it not come to pass this time.

At that point, I would immediately begin looking for work in South Korea, which I hear is a nice place for new EFL teachers to start out. My plan is France 2014-2015, South Korea 2015-2016, and maybe Cambodia 2016-2017. Still, I am praying that the RIGHT opportunities come to me at the RIGHT time. Here’s hoping!